9 - 11 April 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre

Achieving Sustainability through Innovation:
Showcasing the Cities of the Future


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Oxford to introduce world’s first Zero Emission Zone

15 October 2017

The City of Oxford in England is not only following suit after London’s plans to introduce an Ultra-Low Emission Zone in September 2020, the city is going the extra mile, and revealed plans to create the world’s first Zero Emission Zone.

Trends shaping the solar PV monitoring market

15 October 2017

A report from GTM Research has identified trends in the realm of supervisory controls and data acquisition systems, particularly in regards to the monitoring and control of solar PV systems.

Bike-share advocates educate Washington

15 October 2017

Representatives of the North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA) and PeopleForBikes have recently undertaken a one-day bike-share lobbying and education effort in Washington, D.C.

Research determines healthiest city density

15 October 2017

Research by Oxford University and the University of Honk Kong has found that people living in cities are, counterintuitively healthier and happier than those living in suburbs.

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