9 - 11 April 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre

Achieving Sustainability through Innovation:
Showcasing the Cities of the Future


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Smart City News: Offshore wind turbines built in port are more cost effective

19 October 2017

Researchers from the University of Delaware have developed a method with which offshore wind farms could be constructed cheaper and faster.

Smart City News: Seattle pioneer for increasing bus ridership

19 October 2017

As half of greenhouse emissions come from different means of transportation in Washington state, it is crucial to reduce those by incentivizing bus ridership.

Smart City News: Switzerland-based company starts extracting carbon dioxide from the air.

19 October 2017

Although it is not even close to be economically viable at the moment, the pilot demonstration in Iceland might help draw funding when temperatures continue to climb.

Smart City News: Jakarta utilizes technology to tackle urban challenges with citizens

19 October 2017

The city uses web-based planning mechanisms to involve residents in local government’s decision-making process.

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